Changing the world, one project at a time

Changing the world, one project at a time

Aquabus Escolar

In the Punta de Piedra community, difficult access and high transportation costs have been persistent barriers to our children's education. In response to this challenge, the "AQUABUS ESCOLAR" project emerges strongly, providing a comprehensive solution that not only guarantees access to education but also boosts family economy and promotes environmental care.

The AQUABUS ESCOLAR is not just a means of transportation but a tool for change. Students pay for the service with plastic, thus promoting environmental awareness and helping clean our marine environments.

Loaded with knowledge, the School Aquabus has a roof full of books and stories related to environmental care. A floating library that not only transports dreams but also learning opportunities for our children.

By navigating the Gulf, this project connects 4 communities and takes 50 children to 2 schools, ensuring their daily attendance and eliminating the economic barriers that previously limited their access to education.

Discover how a boat can transform the future of a community.

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Tool Bank

A space where ideas become reality and manual skills turn into masterpieces. In our Tool Bank, we not only offer access to tools; we build bridges to self-sufficiency and community empowerment, transforming the act of building into a collective and enriching experience.

Our purpose goes beyond supplying tools. We seek to empower the community in repair and construction tasks, promoting self-sufficiency and beautifying our environment together.

Find out how this project is transforming our community.

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Eco Barter

Where plastic turns into coins, and coins generate change. At Eco Barter, our neighborhood store, we not only collect plastic; we create a cycle where every action counts and contributes to a more sustainable economy through a social currency.

This Social Currency is not just money; it's a key to access essential products. From non-perishable foods to school supplies, we collaborate with allied brands and local ventures to offer you varied options.

Dive into the history and achievements of Eco Barter and discover how it is creating a positive impact on our environment.


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Mangrove Nursery

Embark on Coastal Restoration with Our Mangrove Corridor Project!

Mangroves stand as vital guardians of our ecosystems. Their role goes beyond the coast; they are a beacon of sustainability and resilience. Our project arises with the bold vision of weaving a mangrove corridor that not only cultivates these species but also harvests tangible benefits for the environment and environmental awareness.

By increasing the mangrove population, our project seeks to green and diversify coastal ecosystems. Each plant grown is a step towards the restoration of biodiversity and the revitalization of marine habitats.

Beyond roots in the soil, we seek to plant seeds of environmental awareness in the community. Through educational programs, we want every resident to understand the vital importance of mangroves and their role in our collective well-being.


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